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To record and share fantabulous videos, download Vmaker now

Vmaker for Windows

Works for Windows 7,
Windows 10 and above

Coming soon

Vmaker for macOS

Works on Catalina, Mojave,
and above



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Download Vmaker

To record, edit and share videos using Vmaker you need to download &
install Vmaker on the platform of your choice

Vmaker for macOS

Works for Mac OS Mojave,
Catalina & above


Vmaker Chrome Plugin

Works for Google chrome Browser

Add to Chrome

Download Vmaker for Mac and start recording videos

Add Vmaker chrome plugin to your chrome browser and start recording videos

While Vmaker Mac app is getting downloaded in your Mac at
a lighting fast speed,

Here is a tutorial guide on how to install and setup
Vmaker in your Mac for the first time!

Tutorial Guide

Open the downloaded file & setup
Vmaker for the first time.